Ride Bells

The Ride Bell Story®

Evil Road Spirits! They love to ride, but they can't stand bells. Road spirits can't live in the presence of a bell, the constant ringing drives them insane, they lose their grip and they fall to the road. (Have you ever wondered how potholes are formed?) Anyway the bell has served its purpose.

If you've picked up a bell on your own, the magic will work. But if your bell was given to you, the power has been doubled, and you know that somewhere you have a special friend helping to look after you. When placing a Ride Bell® on your bike, the closer to the ground the better. Usually the lower part of the frame is good. Don't give those little critters a chance to get on board.

Not all Ride Bells® are created equal. Ride Bells® manufactured by us are hand-crafted of the finest Stainless Steel and are guaranteed for life. No receipt is needed for a replacement, regardless of reason. You can smash it, crash it or hit it with a hammer; as long as it is one of our bells we’ll fix or replace it for free!

Please note: All Harley-Davidson® Ride Bells are producted by Mod® and are official licensed products. They ARE NOT Sterling Silver and/or 14k gold or manufactured by BikerJewelry/The Ride Bell Company as the other custom, hand-made bells shown. Harley-Davidson® Ride Bells are excluded from Lifetime Warranty coverage.
    • SK5337 Ride Bellå¨ Police Edition Stainless Steel
    • $24.95
      SK5337Ride Bell® Police Edition Stainless Steel
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