These are some of our exclusive copyrighted cad/cam designs.


SK2230 Gents Prayer Hands Ring
SK2234 Gents Gold & Silver Eagle Ring
SK2231 Gents Engine With Wings Ring
SK2232 Gents Brass Nuckle Ring
SK2233 Gents Skull With Crown Ring
SK2255 Gents Distressed Red 3/4 Double Link Bike Chain Bracelet
SK2257 Gents Gunmetal Blue 3/4 Double Link Bike Chain Bracelet
SK2274 Gents Brushed Skull Sz 9-15
SK2275 Gents Gunmetal Sz 9-15
SK2269BLK Gents Square Skull Pendant with Blue Stones
 SK2269RED Gents Square Pendant with Red Stones
SK2269BLU Gents Square Pendant with Blue Stones
SK2270BLU Gents Skull Cross Pendant with Blue Stones
SK2270RED Gents Skull Cross Pendant with Red Stones
SK2270BLK Gents Skull Cross Pendant with Black Stones
SK2273 Gents Tribal Cross
SK2261 Ladies Love Winged Charm
Sk2272 Gents Armor of God Pendant
SK2272 Ladies Armor of God Pendant
SK2271 Ladies Skull Bike Chain Bracelet with Red Imitation Rubies Sz 7.25
SK2265 Love Ring Sz 8-10
SK2267 Faith Ring Sz 8-10
SK2268 Saint Ring Sz 8-10
SK2262 Ladies Skull with Imitation Red Ruby Stone Sz 6-10
SK2263 Ladies Skull with Imitation Blue Ruby Stone Ring Sz 6-10
SK2272 Gents Double Wire Bracelet Sz 8.5, 9