SK1136 Bike Chain Bracelet 1" Wide Black Silver Unisex Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Product Descriptions
  • Patented Bracelet By Me Kenny Miller: BEWARE OF KNOCK-OFFS
  • Made of high quality titanium stainless steel
  • Fashion heavy bike chain bracelet for men
  • Length is 22 cm (8.9 inches), link width is 25 mm (1.0 inches) 170 Grams
  • With a fold over clasp for a perfect fit every time
  • Black and silver color, finishing in high polished Wrapped in a velvet bag with Heavy Metal String Tag.

We Offer A Lifetime Guarantee: 33 years in the jewelry business.

Our tubes and pins and bigger and stronger than the Chinese knock-offs sold here on eBay.

Do not send your broken knock-offs to us for repair.


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